What's News

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Explore: News, journalism, first draft of history, news sources, history, current events.

The Newseum's award-winning signature video, narrated by veteran broadcast journalist Charles Osgood, features the key events of our time and shows how news affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives.


This video and viewing guide examine a central question: What is news? Students have the chance to learn how the Newseum categorizes news stories and explore their own ideas of ways to sort and process information. This unit looks at news stories from the past century, giving students a chance to understand why news is often called the first draft of history. Learn more about all the different ways to report and access news today and about the news stories that shaped our history, our nation and our world.

Essential Questions:

  • What is news?
  • How do we get news?
  • What types of stories do we find in the news?
  • How does the news affect our lives?
  • What is the role of the press in our society?
  • What is our role as news consumers?