This learning module explores how the First Amendment shaped the civil rights movement. Delve into hundreds of historical newspapers, videos, photographs and more to find out how the five freedoms empowered people fighting for change — and those fighting against it. Individuals young and old, black and white, male and female, rich and poor became part of this movement. Some of their efforts succeeded; some failed. But everyone involved shared the belief that their voices and actions, supported by the First Amendment, had the power to change the nation.

This site includes:

  • An interactive timeline featuring over 200 historical front pages, videos and photographs.
  • A media map comparing newspapers' front page coverage of civil rights events across the country.
  • A gallery of multimedia panels showcasing contemporary civil rights issues and the changes students are making in their communities, powered by GlogsterEDU.
  • Standards-aligned lesson plans that support historical thinking, media literacy and civic engagement and offer the opportunity for student to submit their work for display on the Digital Classroom!