Historic Front Pages from the Civil War

"Blood and Ink: Front Pages From the Civil War" showcases more than 30 historic front pages from the Newseum collection spanning the length of the war, from the birth of the Confederacy to the death of President Abraham Lincoln. Front pages from Northern and Southern newspapers show both Union and Confederate viewpoints while illuminating the challenges faced by reporters on the battlefield and the new technologies that revolutionized war reporting.

This online version of the exhibit, along with the related lesson plans, will help you and your students better understand how the press has evolved over the course of history, both in terms of its communications technologies and its role in society. Through this study, students will increase their historical understanding and become better equipped to evaluate news from the past and the present.

For student groups able to visit the Newseum, we also offer an on-site Learning Center class tied to the "Blood and Ink" exhibit called "The Civil War: From the Front Lines to the Front Pages."


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