Making a Change: Civics and Citizenship

Making a Change Today

Welcome! The panels in this digital exhibit explore the legacy of the civil rights movement by looking at some of the challenges communities around the world continue to face.

  • Click on the button below to launch the Digital Classroom's GlogsterEDU portal. If you're a teacher, please distribute the code in the "My Students" tab to your class. If you're a student, please enter the code from your teacher.
  • Browse the Newseum's sample profiles of three contemporary civil rights issues — access to technology, access to education and rights for young undocumented immigrants. You'll see how the First Amendment continues to be a tool for individuals fighting injustice.
  • You'll find three categories of panels: "Introduction to the Issue" pages describe a civil rights topic. "Pathways to Progress" pages lay out a plan of action, and "Making a Change" pages document community impact.
  • After you explore the Newseum's example issues, use GlogsterEDU to create your own multimedia panels about civil rights issues that matter to you. If you've never used GlogsterEDU before, you can find video tutorials on the Glogster website. (Teachers: Check out the Civics and Citizenship lesson plans for more tools to help your students with this process.)
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